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Sun Private Equities (SPE) is a closely held, quiet equities / venture capital group that does not solicit any outside investment, with interests in diverse markets and industries currently including industrial coatings and linings manufacturing, real estate development and management, commercial lending, environmental technologies development, industrial tank services, institutional facilities services, vegetable based lubricant manufacturing and the emerging solar farm sector. With a reach geographically in and outside of North America, SPE has a strong track record of helping to launch the start up of smaller companies with high potential for growth, partnering when necessary, to build significant value for every stakeholder involved.

The diversified background of Sun's principals and key associates includes engineering, finance, real estate, manufacturing, biomedical, agribusiness and alternative energy. Each venture undertaken by SPE is not only initially evaluated for its potential profit success, but also for its footprint on society and the earth.

Because SPE is a closely held, private organization, it does not always disclose information about its principals, associates, investments and investment performance.

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